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George Eliot on academics

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"Hard students are commonly troubled with gowts, catarrhs, rheums, cachexia, bradypepsia, bad eyes, stone, and collick, crudities, oppilations, vertigo, winds, consumptions, and all such diseases as come by over-much sitting: they are most part lean, dry, ill-coloured...and all through immoderate pains and extraordinary studies. If you will not believe the truth of this, look upon great Tostatus and Thomas Aquinas' works; and tell me whether those men took pains." --Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy, P.Is.2

Middlemarch, pg. 43


"Will Ladislaw was struck mute for a few moments. He had never been fond of Mr. Causabon, and if it had not been for the sense of obligation, would have laughed at him as a bat of erudition. But the idea of this dried-up pedant, this elaborator of small explanations about as important as the surplus stock of false antiquities kept in a vendor's back chamber, having first got this adorable young creature to marry him and then passing his honeymoon away from her, groping after his mouldy futilities..."

Middlmarch, pg. 202